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Norseman Maritime Charters

An organization dedicated to marine research and exploration...

Marine researchers start with a passion for the ocean environment. This is followed by questions--- questions about the basic science of the marine environment. How do the elements of an ocean system work? How do the pieces fit together? What are the relationships between the physical and biological elements of the system? As anthropogenic factors play an increasing role in the functioning of marine systems, applied questions begin to emerge. How are ecosystem structures and fishery take quotas related? How is climate change influencing ocean chemistry?  What is the relationship between fishery management and climate change; how do these variables interact to influence community structure and population composition? The more we learn about the marine environment, more questions—critically important questions---emerge.

NMC was founded with the specific goal of proving a research and exploration platform to serve marine scientists as they seek to answer their questions. NMC has developed a research support strategy that brings together highly trained and experienced crews, with vessels designed to meet the demands and challenging conditions of the Alaskan marine environment. We understand the needs of agency, academic, and industry researchers, and have created an organization to meet those needs.

At the heart of NMC is an owner-operator organization dedicated to marine research and exploration. Importantly, we are not a one-size fits all operation, but one where the owners and captains will work directly with you to implement your research plan. We define success as a research plan that accomplishes its mission, on time, on budget. As you seek the expertise and reliability to shape your next project, we hope you will contact NMC.


To talk to one of our research vessel team members, please call.



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